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Major funding support

Bay of Plenty Paintball Club acknowledges the funding & support received from TECT & ONE Foundation as primary contributors to the development of our club field & facilities

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About BOP Paintball Club

Our club was created in 2014 and has been developing a new club area and speed ball field at TECT park since 2017. We have been fully operational since June 2019 and are welcoming interest from the public to become members and play at our new club field.


We have monthly club days and regular teams practices and we play speed ball tournaments throughout NZ.

We carry quality field, mid and pro grade ranges of paint in stock that club and non club members can purchase. We are currently limited to cash only sales for field fees and paint purchases. We have air (High pressure air fills HPA @ 4200 PSI) available on site.​

As a club we have markers and masks available to hire for new players wanting to get a feel for the sport. If you require use of club gear, please let us know and arrange with us prior to the next club day meet. People new to the sport are encouraged to come along to a club day, talk to club players young and old and see the types of markers, masks and equipment that other players use before you financially invest your hard earned dollars.

We place a lot of importance on safety on and off the field. BOP Paintball club has a "Zero Tolerance" approach to this. If your behaviour towards other players puts their safety and well being at risk, you will be asked to leave our club area's.


All players get chronographed to make sure their paintball markers are shooting within safe tolerances, legal approved air bottles are a requirement and barrel plugs and quality masks are a must. All games have on field referees to ensure fair play and safety at all times.

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